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The Best School Award : The Best Senior Secondary School among all the Air Force Schools under SWAC for the past three years and won thrice The Best Senior Secondary School in Academics in Indian Air Force.

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Fee and other school related payments through our online payment portal. Fee and other school related payments .

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Dear parents Kindly Note- There will be no online classes on 03rd Aug2020 for classes 1 to 5. We will be holding our 2nd Ptm slotwise(to ensure more one to one interaction between parents and class teacher)
Slot 1
Roll no 1 to 10 Tuesday 4th Aug2020(6pm to 6:40pm)
Slot 2
Roll no 11 to 20 Wednesday 5th Aug2020(6pm to 6:40pm)
Slot 3
Roll no 21 to 30 Thursday 6th Aug2020(6pm to 6:40pm)
Slot 4
Roll no 31 onwards Friday 7th Aug2020(6pm to 6:40pm)
Thank you


At our school, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience to help children develop those attributes and qualities which will make them self-reliant. Conscious effort is made to foster pride in and love for the country and its great heritage.

The school provides facilities for SUPW, Music & Dance classes at least once a week as part of the regular time table.

Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the school helps each child to discover and develop his innate talents and abilities. It seeks to instill in the children good habits and values such as truthfulness, self respect, sense of duty, discipline, and punctuality.

The school provides a pleasing learning environment with a spirit of sharing and caring and with close bonds between teachers and students. They are trained to participate in inter-house and inter school competition in declamation, debates, recitations and quiz. We also provide adequate games and sports facilities to our students.

Vision and mission

"Educating today's students for tomorrow's world"

Air Force school holds students at the center of all that we do. We are committed to creating a diverse, supportive and exemplary learning environment. We are dedicated to offering a varied and demanding course of study in which all students succeed by exploring personal talents, developing life skills and achieving high academic levels.


The creation of Air Force School, Jamnagar marks an important event in the history of Air Force Station, Jamnagar. Our vision describes our ideal. It describes our aspirations and hopes and it directs our collective energy towards a larger purpose. Yet this vision statement shows what our commitments should be, it provides details about the goals that can direct our efforts as we decide in more specific ways how we create an exemplary place of learning.

Message from Principal

Children regardless of their age, class, race or background mostly are not like notebook yet to be written upon as is mistakenly believed.

Each child has his own individuality and his special skills and talents. A good educational system helps a child to nurture his talents and overcome his shortcomings. Only by providing appropriate, all encompassing education that will lead to the development of the all-round personality of a child equipped to face the challenges of life in all his future endeavors. We will be able to raise ideal future citizens of our country and the world. Education is a systematic, planned attempt to bring about appropriate development & changes in a child by way of inculcating approved behavior patterns like thirst for knowledge, acquirement of multifaceted skills and values, while academic excellence is our major thrust for knowledge. We will provide a platform to the students to showcase their individual talents in all spheres of life.

I believe that approach in motivating and getting the best out of children is based on the positive re-enforcement of good work and good behavior with a philosophy which centres on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, fun and affection.

at last we pledge to work for every child and in the process open new paths to be trodden on by the students in the field of Education.